User Perspective

After a long day of work, you want to get updated on the relevant events without putting too much effort into it. Maybe, you check the news on the train ride or later on, while sitting on the couch and watching the news program. Unfortunately, the main events get lost in the mass of information. That's why specific news dossiers should help you to get informed quickly and the way you like it - with a video or article, on tv, desktop or mobile.

Business Perspective

With Swisscom already has got news articles and with Swisscom TV they've got all relevant video content. With the news dossiers on Swisscom TV, we could position the product in the news segment, strengthen customer loyalty, and attract new customers. Furthermore, we could stand out from other digital tv products as no competitor has something similar.

Role & Team

For this particular sub-project, I was responsible for a part of the research, the concept, and the visual design of the news dossier on tv. A second designer was responsible for the visual design on the desktop and a third one for the mobile application.

Biggest Challenges

πŸ“Ί  designing for a very large screen with a remote as navigation

πŸ‘₯  co-designing with two other designers

Design Process

More is coming soon!